Welcome to the Competitions Hub!

Welcome to the Competitions Hub! Here you will be able to interact with teams, volunteers and mentors for your competition through our forums, sign up for workshops and submit your reports & presentations.

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Upcoming workshops

We will be releasing details on upcoming workshops soon.

Past workshops

Click below to gain access to recordings and resources from previous competitions talks & workshops.

Airbus Space Debris Talk - 26th May 2022

Fistral Project Management Training - November 2022

Below are the links to the tools mentioned:
  1. https://sourceforge.net/projects/freemind/ - Freemind (freeware)
  2. https://store.criticaltools.com/download-software/ - WBS software (30 day free trial)
  3. https://www.fistraltraining.com/fistral-videos-free-of-charge/ - Fistral Training's videos covering different elements of Project Management 
  4. Also worth looking into - Network Diagram (invaluable for identifying dependencies etc)

Satellite Applications Catpult IOSM Workshop - 14th December 2022

LaTeX Workshop - 27th Feb 2023
LaTeX Templates to use for submissions:
  1. SDC CDR Template - Mar 2023
  2. ORT CDR Template - Mar 2023 (shown in the demo) 
  3. NRC Design & Build Report - Mar 2023
To use the templates: Click on menu -> Download the source file (it will be a zip folder) -> Create a new project -> Upload from file/ zip -> Select the template zip you just downloaded! 

Below are some resources to help you use:

Competitions Forums

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