National Rocketry Championship 2023-24

The UK has a rapidly growing space launch capability, with spaceports now being actively developed and constructed across the country and with orbital launches to be expected soon. With these spaceports, many new rocket companies have also been established within the last few years, aiming to capture the constantly growing market demand for orbital launch capabilities.

UKSEDS created the National Rocketry Championships in 2013 with the aim of providing university students who have had no or limited experience in the field of rocketry hands-on experience in designing, building and launching a rocket.

Teams are challenged with designing, building and launching a mid-power rocket with the primary goal of reaching an apogee of 2500ft. Motor selection will be limited to ensure a fair competition between teams. Teams must also have a payload on their rocket, to be more accurate to real rocket launches. Teams will also be required to submit a brief technical report detailing their design and build for evaluation by our skilled team of industry experts.

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