In-Orbit Servicing and Manufacturing 2022 - 23

UKSEDS and Satellite Applications Catapult are collaborating to run a student competition on In-Orbit Servicing and Manufacturing. Students will be tasked to design and pitch a mission based in this emerging and exciting new field in the space industry. This gives them exposure to a broad range of topics, including space-based solar power, pharmaceuticals, active debris removal, and microgravity manufacturing.

The competition aims to give interdisciplinary teams, of at least 5 and up to 12 students, a stepping stone into the field, and experience in mission design, engineering, business development, and other industry-relevant skills.

Teams are allocated an industry mentor who will check in with them on a monthly basis to offer guidance and advice. There is no entry fee associated with this competition.

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Q&A Forum

These competition-specific forums aim to provide a safe space where to get your questions answered, chat with other teams, and get to know your mentors. Keep an eye here regularly!

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