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The UK has a rapidly growing space launch capability, with spaceports now being actively developed and constructed across the country and with orbital launches to be expected soon. With these spaceports, many new rocket companies have also been established within the last few years, aiming to capture the constantly growing market demand for orbital launch capabilities.
Students and apprentices across the UK are increasingly participating in rocketry activities. Whilst UKSEDS National Rocketry Championship uses G class motors which require no UKRA license, high power competitions such as Mach, EuRoC and Spaceport America Cup allow for solid rocket motors that require UKRA L1 and above licences.
UKSEDS has identified a lack of students undertaking their UKRA qualifications and instead they are skipping to high power motors without the necessary experience. Project Odyssey is UKSEDS's solution. The idea is to provide an opportunity to gain the required experience to use as evidence for a UKRA L1 whilst providing exciting challenges that most students will have never attempted.
The figure below outlines the challenges associated with each level of Project Odyssey. Sucessful competition of the gold level with evidence submitted and a completed flight card would be sufficient for a participant to claim their L1 from the United Kingdom Rocketry Association. Please note: the UKRA Level 1 process is only applicable to individuals and not teams.
UKSEDS would like to extend their gratitude to Paul Carter, UKRA Chair and the rest of the United Kingdom Rocketry Association for their support in setting up Project Odyssey. We would also like to thank Skyrora for kindly sponsoring the Project.
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