Olympus Rover Trials 2022 - 23

The Olympus Rover Trials (ORT) challenge student teams to design, construct and operate a rover for an analogue sample return mission to Mars. Students create a rover concept, trade off performance parameters and pass through a rigorous review process with a panel of engineers from the space sector. The competition aims to:

  • Challenge students to perform a complex systems engineering task of the development of a vehicle to a set of real space mission requirements.
  • Enable students to apply taught technical skills and learn new ones relevant to a job in the space industry in an applicable project environment.
  • Provide students with an opportunity to develop and practice other important and transferable skills, such as teamwork, leadership and project management.
  • Foster interest in the activities of the space sector, especially in space engineering and robotics.

If you have any questions or inquiries please contact rovers@ukseds.org.

Q&A Forum

These competition-specific forums aim to provide a safe space where to get your questions answered, chat with other teams, and get to know your mentors. Keep an eye here regularly!

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