Satellite Design Competition 2022 - 23

The Satellite Design Competition (SDC) tasks students and young professionals to design and build a CubeSat prototype based on a particular challenge and theme within the space industry. Previous years have explored the use of CubeSats to tackle to the growing problem of space debris, and explored using CubeSats to perform science experimentation around the Moon. The competition culminates in a one-day event where the team’s CubeSats are tested in a series of challenges, with awards given out to the best teams in a variety of categories.

The design work that students embark on is deliberately organised, in collaboration with our industry partners, to closely mimic the project workflow that is expected in the space sector. This includes the submission of a preliminary design review (PDR), a critical design review (CDR) and a test readiness review (TRR). With the additional support of industry professionals acting as mentors to the teams, students can expect to gain a wide range of valuable skills that would allow them to seamlessly transition into a role within the space industry.

For the 22/23 competition, space debris will again be the focus. This year, however, will explore how CubeSats can help us better understand the quantity and characteristics of small 10cm size debris objects that cannot be detected by ground stations. More details on this year’s competition are provided in the rules and requirements document, which can be found linked further down on this page.

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