The UKSEDS Community Hub

It's good to have you here! The UKSEDS Hub is a vibrant community that brings together space-minded students and recent graduates from across the UK. Here are five tips so you can make the most out of it:


Now you have access to our international network of thousands of members, hundreds of alumni, and dozens of branches and employers that work with us. Get ready to make the most out of it!


From webinars to workshops, conferences and our very own 'Prepare for Launch' podcast, this platform is your go-to space to improve your knowledge and skills.


Take a look at our curation of UKSEDS and industry events, and get your tickets for our National Student Space Conference (NSSC) 2023! Know about an upcoming event? Submit it yourself!


Our five competitions are the best way of getting hands-on skills to boost your career in space. They run every year, and give you the chance to emulate industry practice and showcase your designs. Visit the Competitions Hub!


Trying to secure a job in the space sector? Fancy doing your university final project in the industry? Thinking about volunteering with us? There's space for everyone in the sector!

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